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Why Do Wasps Need To Be Controlled?

Wasp Nest Bristol is a site dedicated to help you understand wasp control. Your local wasp nest control services are designed to make it safe and simple to remove wasps, with minimum risk to you, those around you, and that includes pets.

Wasps are normally rather secretive insects, and only when the colony size begins to peak around August and September do the Wasps finally create cause for concern.

Wasps can fly almost as fast as you can run, so if you’re planning on tackling a nest yourself, it pays to make sure you have plenty of room to retreat quickly once you’ve treated and upset the colony.

Colony size varies, but we see most Bristol wasps nests growing to the size of a beach ball during the warm summer months.

Once these wasps nests begin to mature they can easily contain 5 – 10 thousand wasps and represent a significant hazard to anyone in close proximity.

Every year we read reports of unfortunate people, unlucky enough to be injured or killed, dealing with Wasps, Hornets and Bees.

How Quickly Can Your Bristol Experts Reach Us?

We are normally on site the very same day you contact our Bristol wasp nest removal service and you will be delighted to discover almost every wasp nest we treat is guaranteed or we will return and re-treat for free.

What could go wrong?

bristol wasp control - severe stings

Bristol wasp control – Sting reactions

The worst case scenario is that the wasps nest splits, which is bad news if you are in a loft, because you have few places to out run them.

Also asbestos based insulation materials etc are a very real safety concern in some properties and other substances like loft insulation and the older vermiculite insulation can be quite unpleasant if it is disturbed and you inhale the dangerous airborne particles.

If the nest is active you will also put anyone nearby at risk and this includes relatives, children and pets – both yours and your neighbors.

How much will it cost me to do it myself?

Removal of a wasps nest need not be an expensive task and indeed may cost you a bin bag and a few minutes of your time.

Any wasps nests over the size of an orange may contain 500 wasps and 5000 when they reach the size of a football.

We see wasp nests the size of washing machines and small cars! You need to consider very carefully, treating any nest in a confined space, that is difficult for you or others to escape from.

You Also need to consider if anyone in adjoining gardens, pedestrians or neighbors with open windows will be affected by your control efforts. If they are, you could face prosecution if you failed to take reasonable steps to warn them.

DIY control is always a risky option with larger nests and your Insect Sting First Aid Kit should contain a venom extractor.

What will it cost me if I get it wrong?

bristol wasp control emergency

Bristol wasp control – Don’t Get Swarmed!

So finally here is the rub. If you get it wrong you are going to get it very wrong.

We are often called to badly planned DIY control efforts were people have gone through ceilings after being attacked by wasps, they and their relatives have been stung going to their aid.

A simple wasp control job quickly becomes a case of fumigation, costing hundreds to rapidly knock down large numbers of wasps or hornets now scattered throughout your home.

One final thought is the damage the dust can do to your lungs.

Time will tell how significant any inspired particles will have on your well-being both now and the future where crumbling asbestos is present but not identified.

How can I contact You?

If in doubt – CALL US! and get it done professionally.


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